Webinar: Healing The Healers

Working on the front line as a health professional is stressful right now. Whether you’re working in hospitals, private practice, on the wards, or over Telehealth.

Some of us are working longer hours than ever.
Some of us feel like we’re in the quiet before the storm.
Some of us are adapting ever-evolving policies.
Some of us have lost private practice work.
Some of us are struggling financially.
All of us are struggling to adapt to these pandemic-induced-changes.

Wow, how different from the 2020 we all imagined!

Of course, those health professionals not working at the moment are struggling too. They’re also facing huge life disruption, and perhaps a level of guilt at not being able to contribute to the health sector right now.

We all need to be gentle with ourselves, and acknowledge these struggles, no matter what situation we’re in.

In this webinar we will:

  • Look at the workplace factors that increase your chances of burning out.
  • Consider ways we can shape these workplace factors to reduce the chances of us or our colleagues burning out.
  • Examine some of the personal factors that contribute to burnout, and how we can address those at the same time as addressing workplace factors.

I will speak on this topic for approximately 20 minutes, and then there will be time for some questions. 

I will also share with you a health professional support group I have starting soon.

The webinar will be run using ‘Zoom meetings’. 
By default, your camera and microphone will be turned off when you join the meeting. It is completely your choice whether you keep your camera turned off, or whether you’d like to turn it on! 
Please keep your microphone on mute during the first part of the session, and then you can un-mute yourself to ask questions at the end. 

I look forward to seeing you there!