Thrive Schedule 2021


Saturday 20th Nov

Amy’s Facebook group welcome for day 1:

Opening: Burnout in COVID times
Dr Amy Imms
The impact of COVID upon our mental wellbeing, and why now is the time to be investing in burnout prevention and management.  [5 mins] Watch
Suicide prevention through conversation
Mitch McPherson: interview
Mitch McPherson shares insights from personal experience and working at SPEAK UP Stay ChatTY about how we can engage in conversations to maintain wellbeing and support others. [31 min]Watch
Mindfulness, Meditation & Breathwork
Dr Emily Amos
Meditation & mindfulness often get suggested as ways to combat burnout, but what are they exactly? Dr Emily Amos talks about what the difference is between mindfulness & meditation as well as some common hurdles new practitioners often face and simple breath work practice to help lead you into meditation. [29min] Watch
The science of living healthier, happier, and longer
Dr Kate Gregorevic: interview
Dr Kate Gregorevic shares the key things we can be doing to care for our bodies and minds, how we can practically incorporate habits into our lives, and ways to model healthy lives to our children. [31 min] Watch
38yo author & mother of 2: written
A reflection on the intense challenges of parenting. Read

Sunday 21st Nov

Amy’s Day 2 Facebook group good morning message:

Thriving By Design: Making Burnout Redundant
Dr Jenny Brockis
If you’re on a mission to create your own successful career or business, it’s easy to get sucked into a world of pain, overwhelm and overwork. In this video, Dr Jenny shares her own story with burnout and some of the lessons learned along the way. [25 min] Watch
Addressing barriers to help-seeking: what it takes to get a doctor to see another doctor
Dr Louise Stone
In this session, we will be exploring practical strategies to encourage doctors to seek help for their health. While there are a number of resources out there for doctors’ health, the major barrier is getting doctors to use them. This talk is all about getting them in the door. [34 min] Watch
Moving from burnout to balance
Dr Josephine Braid
Jo is presenting using case examples of burnout. She will share how clients have moved to balance with easy to use tools and mindset management. [17 min]Watch
Finding freedom in the furnace: my personal story of burnout
Andrew Laird
In 2017 I burnt out…badly. It was the culmination of years of bad habits, and bad thinking about myself and my work. But in the pain of burnout I found a freedom I hadn’t known before. This is my story. [27 min] Watch
The Nightmare That Became A Parable
Carol a rural GP from NSW: written
Two pieces exploring the impact of secondary trauma and societal stressors, and how we cope and find hope. Read

Monday 22nd Nov

4 Simple Steps To Achieving Growth Mindset and redeveloping your neurons
Dr Nicole Guevara
Nicole will lead you through why developing a growth mindset is helpful in burnout, and practical ways to achieve that through neuroplasticity. [21 min] Watch
The Mental Loadbeating burnout with balance
Dr Robyn Miller
Burnout, feminism and the mental load – why we should and can balance the invisible load. [21 min] Watch
A coaching perspective
Dr Jocelyn Lowinger: interview
Jocelyn helps us understand the role of coaches, how we can approach struggles with imposter syndrome and compassion fatigue, and how to manage career indecision in burnout. [38 min] Watch
Beach Bod
Angela, mum of two, NSW GP: written
A short story about a personal experience of burnout, its impact upon our bodies and minds, and the complexities of getting some “me-time”.Read
A middle-aged female GP in Melbourne, mother of two teenage boys and two dogs: written
This piece looks at the challenges doctors have faced throughout the pandemic. Read
Tuesday 23rd Nov
Burnout: The Neurobiology of Not Enough
Dr Polly McGee
In this Burnout Summit session, Polly journeys through polyvagal theory and our autonomic nervous system, connecting how our lived experience informs our present behavior. They illuminate the link between trauma and burnout and how the language of overwork shapes our mindset. Polly concludes with some simple dynamic tools for people to change their state from stressed to regulated. [54 min] Watch
Emotional Eating In Burnout
Dr Lucy Burns
Lucy shares with us the issues that can face us when it comes to nutrition in burnout, and what we can do to combat unhelpful emotional eating. [41 min] Watch
The Power of Emotions
Dr Tim Dewhurst: interview
Tim shares the powerful impact of recognising and understanding our emotional responses, the role leave from work can play in burnout, professional support, self-care tips, and more. [33 min] Watch
Good Days, Bad Days
Geeky gamer doctor dad: written
An exploration of mental health challenges, the pressures of life, the process of seeking help, and the ongoing maintenance of wellbeing. Read
Wednesday 24th Nov
How To Have A Thriving Career
Dr Mat Daniel
I explore what a thriving career might look like to you, and shares some tools that you can apply yourself. I talk about values, and explore how some goals may be not so smart. I challenges some dogma around thriving, and philosophise on whether we have one self or multiple mini-identities. I hope that the presentation will help you create a thriving career that is right for you. [28 min] Watch
Changing Careers: Good Idea or Bad Idea?
Dr Anthony Llewellyn
Anthony will be discussing whether a career change is your solution out of burn out and some of the pitfalls you might face along the way. [16 min] Watch
Finding The Right Career For You
Dr Ashe Coxon: interview
Ashe shares how we can navigate our future career decisions and discover roles that suit our personality and unique needs. [25 min] Watch
If you do not stand up for yourself, possibly no one else will
Dr Liliana Sousa Nanji: written
Liliana reflects upon burnout as a healthcare practitioner, the shame of burnout, the impact upon our lives, and the unreasonable expectations of healthcare systems. Read
Gentle Bold Confidence
Yasmin: written
A story of motherhood, work, illness, and hope. Read
Thursday 25th Nov
Burnout in Leadership and Life
Dr Lachlan Fieldhouse: interview
Lachlan shares helpful frameworks to approach wellbeing from a leadership and personal perspective, how to manage uncertainty, and the importance of having more to life than just our work. [53 min] Watch
Burnout In The Workplace
Dr Amy Imms
Amy shares the impact of burnt-out employees on businesses and organisations, and a framework for reducing workplace burnout and creating a supportive culture with robust and effective wellbeing policies. [16 min]Watch 
Empowering overloaded professionals to thrive
Dr Katya Miles: interview
Katya shares her expertise on leadership, career development, and maintaining good mental wellbeing so that we don’t burn out. [38 min] Watch
Self-care: An essay from a GP
Dr Lachlan Fieldhouse: written
Lachlan helps us to discover our unique needs in life, how to manage the self-judgement that arises from high expectations, being more than just your vocation, and self-care at work as well as home. Read
Eat Yourself Happy +The Power of Pause
Genevieve Ettia: written
Learn about 10 foods that may help lift your mood and positively impact your wellbeing, and a simple technique to help you pause and mindfully respond to situations and empower you. Read
Friday 26th Nov
Burnout and Books: Bibliotherapy
Dr Zewlan Moor
Books can be a powerful presence as we face challenges, learn more about ourselves, and develop our views on life and the world. [38 min]Watch 
Creative Writing for Wellbeing
Dr Hilton Koppe: interview
Learn about how writing can be an aid to our wellbeing, and help us to explore challenges and enhance our ability to connect with others. [41 min] Watch
The Art of Self-Care
Dr Amy Imms
This session explores the value of expressing our creativity, and how we can do that in a deliberate way so that it becomes part of our wellbeing tool-kit. [12 min] Watch
Stress Science: Burnout from a Physiological Perspective
Chris Wilson
Why we use biomarkers to map stress states and identify those at risk of Burnout. [30 min] Watch
A short message from Dr AhmedAhmed Kazmi, a GP from Coventry, has turned his experience of general practice into comedy. Born in Canada, he grew up and qualified in England before moving to Australia, where friends found his anecdotes funny enough to inspire him to try stand-up comedy under the name Dr Ahmed. He sends a short message today about taking care of ourselves as doctors. [2 min]Watch
How Many Patients Can I See In One House Call?
I’m Losing My Patients.

Dr Hilton Koppe: written
These pieces examine the challenges of caring for patients, and coming to terms with illness and death both on the doctor and patient. Read

Saturday 27th Nov

FB live welcome to Day 8 from the Thrive Symposium Facebook group
FB live inviting you to the new Thriving Together group, from the Thrive Symposium Facebook group
Be You, Be Heard and Feel Better
Penny Terry
Is there a ‘work you’ and a ‘home you’? It can be hard to be the best and truest version of yourself as you jump from team meetings to strategic directions to cooking dinner! In this presentation you’ll learn how to pinpoint what makes you authentic and how to feel comfortable to wear it on the outside, so you feel better on the inside. [43 min]Watch 
Beat Burnout with Boundaries
Kylie Broadfoot
As we face a world of constant demands, and a pervasive difficulty to say ‘no’, learn how to set effective boundaries to reduce your risk of burnout and thrive! [35 min] Watch
Self-Compassion: An Antidote to Burnout
Dr Olivia Ong: interview
Olivia shows us how self-compassion can help us to live more sustainable and fulfilling lives as we face the internal and external struggles of life. [37 min] Watch
Good Enough
Dr Shireen Kumar: written
In a world which constantly demands more and more, what is ‘good enough’? Read
My Burnout Story
Chris – nearly 40: written
An honest account of the impact of burnout on life, the lessons learned, and the changes made. Read
Closing: Better Together
Dr Amy Imms
Isolation in a world with the appearance of pervasive connectedness is something we see every day. Even moreso with the tendency to withdraw when overwhelmed, exhausted, and burnt-out. By utilising the power or community and connection, we can help ourselves and one another to liver happier and more fulfilling lives. [9 min] Watch