Moving from burnout to balance

Dr Josephine Braid

Dr Josephine Braid FAFRM (RACP) is a Rehabilitation Medicine Physician specialising in traumatic brain injury and a career coach for doctors. She has combined her passion for medicine and coaching and provides 1:1 virtual coaching creating a safe and confidential space for doctors of all stages in their careers. When working with a client, Jo coaches on balancing their life from the overwhelm/overwork stress cycle to living a calm, prepared and decisive life. She is certified in life coaching through The Life Coach School. Jo lives in Orange, NSW, with her husband and 3 young energetic sons. She enjoys playing the violin and getting out into the fresh air as often as possible. Getting clear on work-life balance and priorities in life is important to Jo, and a skill set she works on with her coaching clients.

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  • Do you ever feel like you’ll never be enough – at work, parenting, in relationships….for yourself?
  • Do you struggle with decision making?
  • Is imposter syndrome something you wrangle with? Worried you will be found out and constantly feeling like a fraud?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I get it! I’ve been there and worked through the above and more with my coaches. Let me share with you, the good news is that your life can have a complete transformation. In coaching you get 1:1 full focus on you, your roadblocks and your ways through. I see clients as whole, complete and amazing (you really are!) no matter where you are in your journey of life. We work together so you see yourself that way too. 
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