Mindfulness, Meditation & Breathwork

Dr Emily Amos

Dr Emily Amos is a GP and Board Certified Lactation Consultant who knows first hand what burn out feels like. Despite “doing everything right” and even teaching mindfulness herself, she still faced her own journey through burn out in 2019. Having gone through this experience herself, she learnt how important it is to bridge that disconnect between knowing what to do to take care of ourselves and actually doing it. Now a qualified yoga and meditation teacher, she loves weaving together not only her training in western medicine but also yoga and breath work into her own teaching around authentic & holistic self care, to help others to not only master mindfulness but to live a more mindful life. 

Emily provides coaching, meditation classes and online courses for anyone who is wanting to learn sustainable ways to integrate mindfulness & self compassion into their lives. She also teaches these skills specifically to medical students and doctors via both her role as teaching associate at Monash University, VIC and her own training mind.life.medicine (details below). She also runs mindfulness & self care retreats for doctors with her colleague Dr Lucy Burns and you can find out more via their website. 

Download Emily’s weekly mindfulness prompts:

Coaching, meditation classes and online courses: www.dremilyamos.com

Emily’s next Mindfulness & Self Compassion Training for Health Professionals runs from the 18th Jan- 22nd Feb 2022 and the details are here https://www.dremilyamos.com/mind-life-medicine

Retreats for doctors:www.wholeheartedmedicine.com.au

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