Closing: Better Together

Dr Amy Imms

Amy is the founder of The Burnout Project, medical doctor, mother of five, and author of ‘Burnout: your first ten steps’. She is passionate about helping people maintain their wellbeing so that they can thrive in work and life. After her own experience of burnout, her mission was to provide people with the resources and assistance she couldn’t find for herself. She now helps people through burnout packages, counselling, online programs, workshops, and events including Thrive Symposium. She assists individuals and organisations to prevent and manage burnout, and advocates for a broad, comprehensive approach to burnout which includes the complex organisational factors alongside individual traits.

If you want to use the encouragement, motivation and tools from Thrive , and continue on your journey to managing burnout, then I invite you to join me in a new small group format: Thriving Together

I love gathering groups to join together in this process, because I see the power of community. I’ve been running group programs for years, and it remains my favourite part of this work because I see how effective it is.

For less than what many people pay for a haircut, you can invest in your mental wellbeing and be supported step by step. Have expertise and resources at your fingertips, and be part of a community that keeps you going on those days you just want to give up.

Everyone who signs up this week will only pay the reduced price of $127/month for life! As long as you remain a continuous member, your rate will never increase.

If you already purchased lifetime Thrive access or one of my online programs in the last month, then please contact me to discuss some options for how you can join me in Thriving Together at an even further reduced cost for the first month: