Burnout In The Workplace

Dr Amy Imms

Dr Amy Imms knows all too much about burnout, being a mother of 5 and managing a busy medical career. Amy experienced burnout as a GP, and faced many challenges as she tried to access good support to recover. This experience inspired her to shift her work to focus on helping others to manage burnout so they can enjoy life and have sustainable and fulfilling careers. Amy works with individuals through counselling, programs and workshops, as well as working with workplaces and organisations to create systems and processes that prevent and manage burnout. 

**20% discount applies to up to $5000 of workplace services**

If you want to invest in the wellbeing of your staff and the success of your business or organisation, there are several ways Dr Amy Imms can assist:


Workshops enhance the ability of employees to proactively sustain wellbeing, identify symptoms of burnout, and to take effective action. This popular workshop guides staff through the process of creating a personalised burnout plan. Workshops can be tailored to meet the specific needs of staff, including addressing remote work, managing perfectionism, or preventing compassion fatigue and secondary trauma.

Burnout Mitigation Analysis and Strategy

Dr Amy Imms facilitates the creation of comprehensive burnout prevention strategies to minimise long-term risks of burnout and enhance wellbeing and productivity. This involves detailed analysis of the issues facing staff and the organisation, assessment of risk factors, creating a mitigation strategy, creating a systematic plan for ongoing burnout monitoring, and formulating clear policy guidelines for both the management team and other employees.

Comprehensive Staff Guidance & Support

A series of interactive workshops that empower members of your management team to confidently support staff who are struggling, and provide the necessary tools to employees so that they can sustain productive output along with personal wellbeing and fulfilment at work. Intensive support can be provided to teams who are high-risk due to high-pressure responsibilities or impending deadlines. Individuals struggling with moderate-severe burnout can access 1:1 burnout counselling with Dr Amy Imms. 

Workplace Bulk discounts

Workplaces can access volume discounts for:

  • Paperback copies of ‘Burnout: your first ten steps’
  • Burnout packages
  • Access to the 4-week self-paced online program ‘Overwhelmed To Empowered’

To discuss the needs of your workplace and how Amy can assist, contact info@theburnoutproject.com.au