Be You, Be Heard and Feel Better

Penny Terry

Penny Terry helps people see and share their impact through storytelling. She knows good stories are the quickest and most effective way to make people care about who you are, what you do and why it’s important. She’s spent more than a decade as an ABC radio presenter, broadcasting upwards of 20,000 stories from diverse perspectives and knows what makes people pay attention, listen and act. Penny has a real knack for helping people feel heard, allowing them to confidently share their perspectives, stories and experiences in a way that makes others take notice. In 2016, Penny co-founded ‘for- purpose’ business Healthy Tasmania with her sister Lucy Byrne and together they work with a range of partners to solve community-based problems. Penny spends her time helping people and organisations share their impact in ways that will be heard, remembered and retold; creating a willing tribe of advocates as they go.

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