4 Simple Steps To Achieving Growth Mindset and redeveloping your neurons

Dr Nicole Guevara

Nicole Guevara is the author of Breakaway: The International Medical Graduate’s Guide to Alternative Careers, a thoroughly researched, comprehensive book that will give you an edge and guide you to a fulfilling career. Nicole is an experienced health professional with over 12 years of hands-on management experience including operational, technological, and clinical aspects of health care.

Nicole believes in the power of optimism grounded in actionable strategies. At 30 years old, she broke away from her medical path and shifted through multiple career paths. At 35 years old, she had her breakthrough career moment when she joined the largest FQHC (Federally Qualified Health Center) in Florida, USA as Director of Performance Outcomes for 15 health centers and over 80 multi-specialty clinicians. Currently, she works as a Senior Healthcare Consultant serving large scale healthcare organizations globally. 

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Breakaway : The International Medical Graduate's Guide to Alternative Careers - Nicole Guevara

Dr Nicole Guevara is author of ‘Breakaway: The International Graduate’s Guide to Alternative Careers’, which can be purchased at major online retailers including Amazon. Australia or USA.

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