Thrive has ended, but it’s not too late to access all the recordings and work through it in your own time!

Dive deep and join us at the Thrive In Action Workshop Weekend in June! Many of our Thrive Symposium presenters are the workshop facilitators, and it’s amazing to  get the opportunity to work so closely with these incredible experts.

Edifying Speakers

A wealth of expertise across our speakers will being insights, encouragement, and practical advice as we seek to live more of the life we want.


For the duration of the symposium, our private group will be a hub of discussion, ideas, encouragement, and information.

Inspired Action

You'll come away from this symposium not simply inspired and encouraged, but with really practical steps you can put into action as you move forward into a better future.

A note from Thrive Symposium organiser, Dr Amy Imms

I see people struggling every day with high work demands, long hours, carrying the mental load, the impact of COVID, responding to workplace bullying, and a plethora of other pressures. I see people feeling overwhelmed and not coping, hesitant to reach out for help and unsure what they can actually do about it. And I want to do something to help.

I've been a doctor for 17 years, and working with burnout for 7 years. In that time, I have met so many amazing people with valuable expertise and contributions when it comes to preventing and managing burnout. With burnout on the rise since COVID began, and only continuing to increase, I wanted to gather together this wealth of experience and wisdom and share it with those who need it most.

Thrive Symposium is a time of self-discovery, clarity, learning, and hope. For you, it might just be a turning point, prompting personal action, and encouraging you to seek any support you may need moving forward.
I look forward to seeing you throughout the symposium.

Take a sneak peak...

It’s not too late to join us – Friday’s recorded presentations are still available for you to view for all of Saturday and Sunday (recordings are available for 48 hours from the time of upload). 

***Due to unforeseen circumstances, Dr Jan Pittman’s interview has had to be rescheduled to late May. Don’t worry, you will still hear it, and will have plenty of time to access it! In place of Jana’s interview on Saturday 8pm, there will instead be a Q&A session with Dr Amy Imms, so please send all your burning questions to

Sessions are live-streamed, and the recording is also available for you to watch at a convenient time in your schedule for 48 hours afterwards. There will also be the option after the symposium for registered participants to purchase 6-month access for a small additional fee of $17

2023 Speakers

Prof Craig Hassed

Professor Craig Hassed OAM has been working within the Faculty of Medicine at Monash University since 1989 but also teaches into various other faculties, and is coordinator of mindfulness programs across Monash. In 2021, he became the founding Director of Education at the Monash Centre for Consciousness and Contemplative Studies (M3CS). His teaching, research and clinical interests include mindfulness, mind-body medicine, lifestyle medicine, integrative medicine and medical ethics. Craig developed and integrated into the Monash medical curriculum the world-first mindfulness-based healthy lifestyle course called the Health Enhancement Program and has collaborated with Australian and international universities helping them to integrate similar content. He has authored over 110 papers in peer-reviewed journals and has published 14 books and 17 book chapters. Craig is regularly invited to speak and run courses in Australia and overseas in health, educational, government and corporate contexts. He was the founding president and patron of Meditation Australia, is a Smiling Mind ambassador and a regular media commentator having featured in the documentaries, The Connection, and My Year of Living Mindfully. He co-authored with Richard Chambers two free Mindfulness MOOCs (massive open online courses) in collaboration with Monash University and FutureLearn, both of which are rated by Class Central as the two leading online mindfulness courses and among the 10 top online courses for any subject globally. In 2019 Craig was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for services to Medicine.

Dr Jana Pittman

Doctor, ex-olympian, mother of 6. 

Join us as we hear from Jana and what she has learnt as she has overcome immense challenges in life. 

Dr Terri Simpkin

Terri is an Associate Professor in Management and MBA Director at the University of Tasmania.  She has enjoyed a broad international career in the education sector as an academic and leader, holding global roles with Anglia Ruskin University and Nottingham University in the UK.  Not being born an academic she also has broad experience in private sector leadership in human resources, strategy and business management.  

Having worked internationally with governments, industry associations, large organisations and SMEs for two decades she is a current consultant to industry and has become known as a research informed, practice lead academic particularly regarding complex challenges facing contemporary workforces now and into the future.

Terri was named as one of the 50 most influential women in the data economy for her work on digital infrastructure sector workforce challenges and was awarded the Brynn Fowler Agent of Change award by Global Women in Telco and Tech for her work advancing inclusion and diversity both in and outside of the workplace. She was also named in the 2020 IMasons 100 Awards for her work in developing leadership education in the global Digital Infrastructure sector.

Continuing her academic interest into the topic, she is known as an authority on the impostor phenomenon reflecting her professional interest in contemporary inclusion practices and global workforce challenges. Her website aims to diminish the myths and fallacies associated with the experience of IP.

She is a dedicated (some say tragic) Duran Duran fan and devotee of the late Sir Terry Pratchett.  Her lectures on topics such as leadership, diversity & belonging, and management in the Discworld novels have been sell out successes at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas among other fora.

Dr Polly McGee

Dr Polly McGee (they/them) is an author, therapist and trauma-informed leadership specialist. With over a decade working in leadership program design and delivery across public, private, university and NFP sectors, Polly now splits their time between facilitating groups large, small and individuals on their leadership, organisational and personal reset pathways. Polly has a PhD in Gender Studies and a Masters in Counselling + Psychotherapy.

Dr Amy Imms

Dr Amy Imms is a medical doctor who helps people struggling with burnout to recover and create a life of meaningful productive work alongside rest and joy. She is a strong believer that we cannot accept exhaustion and overwhelm as an intrinsic part of modern life, and that with solid evidence-based burnout-specific support we can thrive, not merely survive. Her book, ‘Burnout: your first ten steps’, is a practical guide to taking action towards burnout recovery and creating a sustainable life. Amy is also passionate about addressing and preventing burnout form a workplace and system perspective, and supports organisations through workshops, training and consulting. Effective workplace burnout management can be achieved through simple, achievable, cost-effective solutions that are tailored to the specific work and employee context. If you’re feeling burnt-out, Amy wants you to know that you’re not alone, you’re not a failure, and recovery is possible. 

Dr Rebecca Nothrop

Dr. Rebecca Nothrop, a self-doubt coach who has transformed lives of successful yet suffering women internationally. She has become a master at releasing her clients from painful and wasteful cycles of stress, self-oppression and self-sabotage. 
Becc has identified perfectionism, imposter syndrome, and people-pleasing as the primary culprits perpetuating these self-sabotaging and self-defeating cycles. These issues often manifest as secondary issues such as overwhelm, procrastination, avoidance spirals, blame, resentment, breaking promises with self, over-eating, over-drinking, over-social-media-ing, poor consistency & personal accountability, comparison-itis. 
These undesired behaviour cycles and excessive stress are not just unpleasant and limiting but ultimately lead to chronic stress, exhaustion and burnout. 
If you feel like you can never quite do enough yet and you’re running low on energy in the tank, it might be because your main fuel source is self-criticism and self-doubt. By using a coaching approach rooted in behavioural psychology, Becc’s work helps you run on a fuel that’s not only more efficient but doesn’t come with the side effects of chronic stress and burnout. 
Don’t miss Becc’s presentation and workshop in Thrive. She’ll help you take steps to take control of your energy and expertise and channel them efficiently towards the personal and professional thriving you deserve.
Dr Rebecca Nothrop is a certified professional coach, medical registrar with additional training in cognitive behavioural therapy, qualified group fitness instructor and personal trainer. She proudly holds records in weekly peanut butter intake and some say she has the cutest dog in the world.

Alana Lane

Alana Lane RPCDP is a qualified Career Practitioner and owner of The Lane Method; a career counselling and consultation practice based in lutriwita/Tasmania.

Alana is the Tasmanian Division president for the Career Development Association of Australia (CDAA) and registered with the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA). Alana has had many gigs across Educational Leadership, Corporate Recruitment, Fitness and Performing Arts. Most recently she led Career Education for secondary schools for the Department for Education, Children and Young People (DECYP) in Tasmania. In this leadership role she worked to connect all educational sectors, engage school leaders and build capacity in teachers and school staff across the state. Alana is passionate about the necessity of qualified Career Practitioners working in schools, and with our most vulnerable members of the wider community. Currently she is partnering with a National Employment Service Provider on a pilot to improve outcomes for long-term unemployed participants.
Her real jam is supporting mid-career professionals. Alana understands, first-hand, the realities of burnout! And knows what it takes to undergo a career reinvention (like, multiple!) She is excited to share her tips for creating a healthy and nourishing career.

Annette Densham

I look forward to seeing you at Thrive Symposium 2023!