Thrive 2024 has ended, but it’s not too late to reap all the benefits! You can purchase 6-month access to all presentation recordings, and Dr Amy Imms will personally respond to all action steps emailed to her to ensure sustainable change happens in your life!

Are you stuck in an endless cycle of stress and overwhelm?

Do you feel perpetually depleted, with no energy left for the things you really love in love?

You give endlessly to your work, your family, your partner, your friends, the kids’ school… and that’s before we even start looking at the general life necessities: meal preparation, clothes washing, life admin.

You hang in there, just keeping your head above water.

Then the dog gets sick, someone at work complains, you get a parking fine… and you’re drowning.
It feels like just too many things for one human to handle.

Even a capable, intelligent, resourceful, resilient person like you.

Maybe you’ve been in that state of depletion for months.
Maybe years, or decades.

Perhaps it comes in cycles for you:

  • Things are going well, life is full of great things and opportunities, and you say ‘yes’ to things people ask of you. Of course you want to help, achieve, and succeed!
  • Stress builds up, you have no time left for ‘you’, your energy levels are depleted. But you continue on with your commitments, because you’re reliable and conscientious.
  • You continue to externally succeed and ‘cope’, but internally you steadily descent to rock bottom.
  • You reach a point of desperation. You don’t tolerate the incompetence of others. You lose your compassion for those in need. You snap at your partner. You yell at the kids. Maybe you dramatically exit the committee you’re on, or even quit your job. Maybe you wonder if you’re relationship is on it’s last legs. Maybe you start day dreaming about booking a one-way ticket to anywhere.
  • You feel a sense of relief as you take one of those desperate actions: you book the holiday, you take the leave, you quit the job, you angrily decline the invitation to bake a cake for the kids’ school bake sale, or you firmly leave work at 5pm on the dot because you’ve just had enough of being taken advantage of. Maybe you even see a psychologist or sign up to some pilates classes.
  • You feel better for a little while. You’ve put your foot down. You’ve changed things.
  • Over time, you fall back into old patterns, and stresses rise up again.
  • Before long, you’re back at rock bottom, wondering how that happened.

If this is you, the cycle has to stop.

You’re worth more than this.

Your life is worth truly living, not merely surviving from one crisis to the next.

You deserve to be spending your best hours of your life doing things that are inherently important to you and your purpose in this life, not making sure the latest KPI at work is met, sitting in a useless meeting, or reading and signing yet another set terms and conditions document for life admin job number three million and one.

At Thrive Symposium, I’m going to show you how to make that happen.

What to expect at Thrive:

Day 1
Clarity & Creation

Consider what it means to experience burnout, the outcomes when it's left unaddressed, and what the long-term impact is post-recovery. What does it look like to recover? How does effective burnout management re-align your life to your core purpose in life, without even having to quit your job or make any big life changes?

Day 2
Barriers & Bravery

We will look at the biggest barriers that Dr Amy Imms has seen get in the way of burnout recovery over the last decade of working with clients. Even knowing 'all the right things' is no guarantee that you will be able to make the changes you need: otherwise we would not see such incredibly high rates of burnout amongst doctors, psychologists, coaches, and counsellors. We will talk about the big issues that will get in the way of you translating theory into action, and what you can do to optimise your chances of achieving true and lasting recovery.

Day 3
Growth & Grounding

Join us as we examine six crucial elements of your wellbeing toolkit if you want to manage burnout effectively over the long term. These key components will help you to stand up for yourself and stop being walked all over, empower you to value yourself, help you to prioritise your wellbeing and stop using unhelpful quick-fixes that aren't working for you any more, and ultimately how to re-discover the spark you have for life.

*Detailed program coming soon!

Thank you to our prize sponsors (yes, there are prizes to be won at Thrive!):

Reflection in the Mirror - You are Enough

Kristen MacDonald has published this beautiful book of affirmations: "Reflection in the Mirror - You are Enough". Kristen wrote this book to "change the way many feel about themselves on a day-to-day basis. Whether you are feeling flat with lack of confidence, you have a negative mindset or whether you just don't feel you are good enough or have enough positivity, my book will 100% change the way you feel about yourself, your mindset and well-being, giving you confidence to live a happier and healthier life."

Discovery - a medical career planning course

Sponsored by Medical Career Planning, Dr Ashe Coxon brings you the 'Discovery' self-paced online course. It is designed to be a start for doctors and medical students to consider their career and their career planning, and will help you to evaluate what is important to you, and which field of medicine may be best suited to you. It provides a stepwise approach to addressing career uncertainty and the exercises along the way aim to assist the participant to discover their own career intentions, what careers are available and how to work towards this.

The Burnout Project - Dr Amy Imms

The Burnout Project is sponsoring prizes to assist you in your next steps with managing burnout in your life, including online courses and copies of 'Burnout: your first ten steps' by Dr Amy Imms. These resources assist you in gaining clarity around your unique challenges and life circumstances, equip you with critical tools and strategies, and how you can develop a personalised plan to make sure that you are moving towards the life you truly want to live. These resources are concise and practical so that you can utilise them even though you're busy and exhausted.

Can you invest this time in yourself?

Can you afford not to?

Edifying Speakers

A wealth of expertise across our speakers will being insights, encouragement, and practical advice as we seek to live more of the life we want.


For the duration of the symposium, our private group will be a hub of discussion, ideas, encouragement, and information.

Inspired Action

You'll come away from this symposium not simply inspired and encouraged, but with really practical steps you can put into action as you move forward into a better future.

*There may be some minor changes to this schedule.

All recordings available for 72 hours from time of streaming.

By the end of Thrive, you will:

Three days

Expert speakers

Hope and inspiration

Practical guidance

A note from Thrive Symposium organiser, Dr Amy Imms

Every week, I talk to people who are overwhelmed and exhausted, juggling work, family, health, and life.

There are so many pressures in modern life, and amongst it all we lose touch with ourselves.

We stop doing the things that really light us up.

I’ve been a doctor for nearly two decades, and helping people recover from burnout for the last 8 years. Thrive Symposium brings together amazing people I’ve met over this time, who have invaluable expertise and contributions to any of us who want to live a better life: a life of fulfilment and sustainability.

Thrive Symposium is a time of self-discovery, clarity, learning, and hope. For you, it might just be a turning point, prompting personal action, and encouraging you to seek any support you may need moving forward.

I look forward to seeing you throughout the symposium.​

The Facebook Group is a hub of discussion and encouragement surrounding all the content. 

Join in, ask your questions, share your ‘aha’ moments, and let your life begin to change. 

* All presentation recordings will be available for you to view for 72 hours, so you can set aside a time that suits you to watch them and soak it all in. 

2024 Speakers

Dr Amy Imms

Dr Amy Imms is a medical doctor who helps people struggling with burnout to recover and create a life of meaningful productive work alongside rest and joy. She is a strong believer that we cannot accept exhaustion and overwhelm as an intrinsic part of modern life, and that with solid evidence-based burnout-specific support we can thrive, not merely survive. Her book, ‘Burnout: your first ten steps’, is a practical guide to taking action towards burnout recovery and creating a sustainable life. Amy is also passionate about addressing and preventing burnout form a workplace and system perspective, and supports organisations through workshops, training and consulting. Effective workplace burnout management can be achieved through simple, achievable, cost-effective solutions that are tailored to the specific work and employee context. If you’re feeling burnt-out, Amy wants you to know that you’re not alone, you’re not a failure, and recovery is possible. 

Zoë Coyle

Zoë has over 20 years’ experience in the corporate sector, creating and delivering workshops and facilitating people from all walks of life. From CEO’S through to Creatives and the Homeless. Zoë founded her company Pilot Light in 2008. Since then she has worked with numerous companies and individuals to unleash self-awareness. She is a fully accredited Dare to Lead facilitator and was chosen as one of 400 facilitators from 17 000 applicants globally to be trained by Dr Brené Brown in Texas in 2019.

She has taught within the NIDA corporate team and was a leading facilitator at Message Train, which specialized in high level pitching & communication skills. She has taught acting at The Actor’s Centre Australia and in the UK at The Hampstead Players and The City Academy. 

In 2020 she signed a two book deal with Ultimo Press with her first fiction novel ‘Where the Light Gets In’ released in Australia and the UK in 2022, and her second novel ‘The Dangers of Female Provocation’ was released in May in Australia in 2023. 

Zoë is an experienced film and theatre actor with career highlights spanning Australia and the UK. Zoe graduated from NIDA in 1998 with a Bachelor of Performing Arts. After graduation she featured in a range Australian, American and British productions. She is a sought after MC and keynote speaker. She is the mother of four children and has a wire haired dachshund named Solace.

Instagram: zoe.hearts.books

Author site:

Dr Dani Lin

Dani has lived experience of burnout, depression, anxiety and ADHD, and advocates for system change to support resilience in medicine. She is an infectious diseases physician working at the Burnet Institute as a member of the Tuberculosis Working Group. She has an interest in the global health, indigenous health, tropical medicine and in particular TB/drug-resistant TB, having worked as the TB doctor in Papua New Guinea and Uzbekistan. She currently works on tuberculosis projects in PNG and Solomon Islands, is completing public health training and works as an infectious Diseases consultant at Werribee hospital


*All of the views expressed are guests own and not reflective of organisations they work for

Dr Emily Amos

Dr Emily Amos is a GP who loves to integrate both Eastern and Western approaches to wellbeing into her unique style of coaching & lifestyle medicine. As a registered yoga and meditation teacher, she brings a holistic perspective to both breath work and mindfulness and loves nothing more than sharing her passion with students and patients alike. She runs mindfulness retreats for doctors, provides corporate workshops and speaking engagements as well as teaching at Monash University on mindfulness, wellbeing & the science and art of happiness.

Nicole White

Nicole White, is the founder of the Hold Space For Me Community and as a dedicated entrepreneur, is on a mission to create a lasting impact for individuals thriving in the corporate realm through the power of sound and music. With an impressive 35-year career in the business events industry, Nicole has traversed the globe, delivering unparalleled high-end incentive travel programs for renowned global brands.

Nicole’s drive for innovation has led her to co-found Rock and Roll Team Building alongside Grammy-nominated songwriter, Ciaran Gribbin. This dynamic business offers interactive and entertaining team building programs for business events in Australia and the United States. Additionally, Nicole and Ciaran together co-founded Vibrate Your Mind, a business delivering wellbeing programs grounded in sound and music for business events and workplaces in Australia.

Nicole’s passion for well-being and mental health is at the core of her work. Through her business ventures, she aims to promote the importance of ensuring the holistic well-being of individuals in the corporate world. Nicole believes that a harmonious balance between work and personal life is crucial for success and fulfillment.


Dr Jill Gamberg

Dr. Jill is a GP, lifestyle medicine physician and coach.  She is dedicated to enhancing lives through evidence-based practice and
education. Holding Bachelor’s degrees in Biology (Dal), Exercise Science/Athletic Therapy (Con U), and Medicine/Surgery (UNSW – Hons). She furthered her expertise by completing specialty training and Fellowship to become a General Practitioner, focusing on disease prevention, longevity, behaviour change, and overall mental and physical wellbeing.

An advocate for Lifestyle Medicine, Dr. Jill achieved International Board Certification and Fellowship in this domain. Her passion for education led her to attain a Masters of Applied Science in Coaching Psychology (U Syd).  She also contributes to the Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM) Education Committee. Additionally, she works as a Lecturer at James Cook University School of Medicine postgraduate programs in Lifestyle Medicine.

Dr. Jill is a dedicated coach, supporting individuals from diverse backgrounds, including elite athletes, doctors, leaders, and CEOs, in optimizing their health, life and performance. Dr. Jill’s adventurous spirit is reflected in her extensive travels to over 52 countries, yet she finds true joy in outdoor adventures with her family – her husband, two daughters, and dog, Lincoln.

More about our generous prize sponsors!

Kristen MacDonald

“I wrote my affirmation book, “Reflection in the Mirror – You are Enough” to change the way many feel about themselves on a day-to-day basis. Whether you are feeling flat with lack of confidence, you have a negative mindset or whether you just don’t feel you are good enough or have enough positivity, my book will 100% change the way you feel about yourself, your mindset and well-being, giving you confidence to live a happier and healthier life. 
A bit of background, I started writing back in 2020 when the pandemic hit the world, these words then formed affirmations and before too long I had written over 80 affirmations. 
As I have had many challenges in my life which include control, manipulation, bullying, not having an opinion and struggling constantly with my mindset and confidence, I decided to write this book. 
I am also a survivor of Domestic Violence.
Life has been very challenging, and my affirmations have helped me so many times, I use to be negative, not being able to stop how sad I was feeling and upon reading affirmations, it has totally turned my life around.
If my affirmations have helped me so much, I want to help others too. 
I am thrilled that my book has been accepted into 13 schools and a public library too, helping even more with their mindset, confidence and well-being.
It is so important in life to value yourself, to feel confident and keep a positive mindset and to have an opinion and speak out as it can affect everything that we do in life”.

If you would like to purchase your own copy, please contact Kristen at

Medical Career Planning

Dr Ashe Coxon has some special gifts for our doctor or medical student attendees! 

DISCOVERY is a self-study course providing affordable and accessible career planning resources to allow you to work through your career concerns.

This course is designed to be a start for doctors and medical students to consider their career and their career planning.

It will help you to evaluate what is important to you, and which field of medicine may be best suited to you.

Discovery is a self-paced course designed to be completed over a 4-8 week period and each module will work through common career concerns and provide resources for the participant to work through their own career journey.

The course provides a stepwise approach to addressing career uncertainty and the exercises along the way aim to assist the participant to discover their own career intentions, what careers are available and how to work towards this.

Completion of this course will provide the participant with a structured approach to planning their medical career and creating the most fulfilling medical career for them. 

Thrive has ended, but you can still get 6 month access to all there recordings and participate in the action steps!