Thrive Interview: Dr Jana Pittman

Dr Jana Pittman

Doctor, ex-olympian, mother of 6. 

Join us as we hear from Jana and what she has learnt as she has overcome immense challenges in life. 

If you want to dive deep with guidance from incredible experts in a small-group environment, join us at the Thrive In Action weekend!

Your facilitators are:

  • Dr Polly McGee, who is an amazing trauma-informed leadership expert, who will be leading us through how we can examine the inner parts of ourselves that have responded to past challenges in varying ways (using an internal family systems approach), and then using that to assist us in addressing future challenges in a more helpful way. Polly has been helping people with this for many years, and has transformed the lives of so many capable high-functioning (but struggling) leaders, and I recommend this workshop very highly. Check out more of her work here.
  • Dr Terri Simpkin, an expert in imposter phenomenon, with both personal and academic experience in the area. With Terri, you will get no flippant Instagram-platitudes or victim-blaming references. Terri presents an evidence-based comprehensive understanding of this phenomenon and how it affects so much of our population. She will explain the cycle of imposter phenomenon and provide you with practical tools to break this cycle so that it doesn’t hold you back from the way you really want to live life and progress in your career. Terri is a big believer in imposter phenomenon having an individual contribution, but having that exacerbated and promoted by toxic workplaces – imposter phenomenon is not a you problem, it’s a situational workplace problemJoin us to enhance your understanding based on the latest research, and transform your thoughts and feelings. Find out more about Terri and her work here.
  • Dr Claire Noonan, a skilled GP psychotherapist, with a whimsical Buddhist-inspired approach that will leave you feeling challenged, comforted and inspired. Claire will be sharing with us the DBT (dialectical behaviour therapy) skill of alternative rebellion, which is based on the very human urge to break free, to assert our own power in a situation where one is feeling powerless. In a life of serving others, pleasing those around us, we can harbour a growing resentment that can give rise to destructive urges. When it isn’t okay to dismantle our whole way of living, it is helpful to find some other way to rebel. It can be one of many ‘action steps’ we take, on the way to building a routine and lifestyle that may not be exactly what we want, but that feels more authentic and contented. This session looks at how rebellion can be useful and wielded as a tool of empowerment rather than destruction. Embracing our innate playfulness, we will look at some examples and brainstorm some more. We will look at some other ‘action steps’ that could help us build our ‘life worth living,’ and make our day to day struggle feel more meaningful, bearable, and even enjoyable. Find out more about Claire and her work at Clarity Lane.
  • Dr Becc Nothrop, a doctor and self-doubt coach, who uses a cognitive program to shift the way we respond to those things in our lives that are just not working for us. This workshop will involve the opportunity for live-coaching. Whether you are the coachee or witnessing the coaching, you will gain an amazing insight into how you can apply these skills to any challenge you are facing, and change your response to one that is leading your life in the direction you want it to go. In this safe and supportive small group, you can ask all your questions to help you implement these skills moving forward. See more of Becc here on her Youtube channel.
  • Dr Amy Imms (yes, that’s me!) – I am a medical doctor with personal and professional experience of burnout, and have been helping people recover from burnout for the last seven years. I will be leading you through two workshops at Thrive In Action:
    Create your burnout plan will guide you through a process of clarity to make sure that you’re addressing burnout in a way that is relevant to the severity of your burnout and the point in the recovery process you’re currently at. By the end of this session, you will have a clear, personalised, adaptable plan that you can take with you and implement over the coming months and years. There is no one-size-fits all approach, so making this unique to you is essential.
    Advanced self-compassion is designed to address the harsh inner-critic which I see in over 90% of my clients experiencing burnout. If you’re perfectionistic, and set high standards for yourself, you may not realise how much your mind is beating you up on a daily basis, and how that impacts your responses and experiences of life. Transforming this relationship to myself was the single thing that had the biggest impact upon my own recovery process. You may have heard of the idea of self-compassion, and done a few small exercises, but the important thing here is that understanding what self-compassion is, isn’t enough. It has to be something that changes you. It has to be something that becomes a part of your life and transforms the way you think and respond to yourself and your experiences. And this is what the Thrive In Action workshops are all about – translating theory into practice. Many of my clients know so much of the theory, and in fact often advise other people of what to do. But are they doing it in their own life? Consistently? In this workshop, you will experience and apply tools that you can continue to adapt to your own needs and life so that it becomes a part of the way you live, not just a ‘thing’ you know all about.