The Burnout Scale

Only de-identified score numbers are released to Sledgehammer for the purposes of assessing the impact of implemented burnout measures or detecting changes in overall levels of staff burnout.

The Burnout Scale : Sledgehammer

This scale is designed to provide an indication of how burnt-out you are. For each question indicate from the 4 options how much that burnout sign has been affecting you. Note that while these signs indicate burnout, they can also indicate other health issues, so regardless of your burnout score it's important you seek professional advice.

  • If you don't have clients, consider patients, students, or other regular interactions from your primary role.
  • If so, please indicate the names/topics of those workshops you attended.
  • Note that your name and associated burnout score will not be released to your employer or any other third party. This is just so we can have a look at scores relating to those who attended various workshops.
  • As above, your email address is only collected to determine which scores relate to those who attended various workshops. No names or email addresses will be released to employers or third parties.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.