Ten Burnout Tips

Burnout is overwhelming, and often feels inescapable.

It leaves people feeling exhausted, depleted, stressed, emotionally detached, and like they’re not doing a very good job.

It happens as a result of prolonged stress, and when the demands heaped upon us are too big compared to the resources we have at hand to deal with them.

Perhaps, for a while, you can push on. You can draw upon all your reserves of strength and resilience, and hide the inner struggles. Maybe you’ve maintained that facade for years, or even decades. But eventually, you can’t continue like that.

No-one has unlimited resources of time and energy. At some point, you’re forced to acknowledge and deal with it.

If burnout isn’t addressed, it affects all aspects of our lives: career, relationships, mental health, physical health, our happiness, and our finances.

If that’s you right now, you have every reason to still have hope. With good support and guidance, people can recover from burnout and feel fulfilled and happy in life and work again.

In ‘Ten Burnout Tips’, I share ten tips to get you started, focusing on three effects of burnout you may have noticed: overwhelm, exhaustion, and inefficiency.