If you didn’t manage to make it to Revitalise live, or want to revisit some of the content, please watch the recording….

Would you like to continue the burnout recovery process?

If you want to dive deeper into the themes we covered in Revitalise, Thrive Symposium will bring you expert speakers leading on and guiding you towards your next steps. This incredible three-day event is designed to help you dive deeper into the core elements of self-care and burnout recovery.

You’ll hear from expert speakers including Dr Jana Pittman, Dr Terri Simpkin (imposter syndrome expert), Dr Rebecca Nothrop (self-doubt coach), Dr Polly McGee (trauma-informed leadership specialist), and of course you’ll hear from me, Dr Amy Imms.

Let’s revisit the Revitalise themes, and how Thrive will expand on on these for you:

  • STRESS: how burnt out are you?
    If you recognised that you are burnt-out and need to do something about it, then the Thrive speakers will provide the encouragement, inspiration and practical guidance you need to move forward with taking your next steps. 
  • START: the first step to burnout recovery
    At Thrive Symposium, Dr Amy Imms will speak about all five steps to burnout recovery: Start, Severity, Support, Solution, and Sustainability. You will be able to identify where you are at in this process, and what that means for what you need to do right now. 
  • SABOTAGE: the inner critic
    You will see this theme come up frequently through many Thrive presentations, as it’s a pervasive component of burnout. Two speakers will particularly cover this theme: Dr Rebecca Nothrop and Dr Terri Simpkin. Then, the antidote of self-compassion will be covered by Dr Amy Imms. 
  • STOP: less is more
    Dr Amy Imms will speak about the critical role of healthy boundaries in the workplace so that you can create sustained change and alter the way you interact with, and respond to, the workplace environment. 

Thrive 2023 has finished, but you can still purchase 6-month access to all the content. 

If you really want to dive deeper and take big steps toward recovery, I invite you to join us at the Thrive In Action workshop weekend, where many of the Thrive speakers will be leading you through a small-group interactive experience. 

The Thriving Together Community provides a safe small-group environment, facilitated by Dr Amy Imms. 

This group evolved to provide three core elements of effective burnout recovery which allows you to make consistent, sustainable, change:

  1. Knowledge: every month, you will learn about a core burnout theme, and acquire the skills and strategies you need to recovery from burnout.
  2.  Connection: burnout recovery is enhanced by connection with safe, trusted people. In the community, you are matched to a small group which will become a valuable source of encouragement, debriefing, and sharing experiences.
  3. Accountability: when we are exhausted and time-poor, with pressures form everywhere, it’s difficult to prioritise your wellbeing, and make it happen consistently. You will set goals, and monitor these as a group, celebrate achievements, and trouble-shoot challenges, so that you can sustain motivation and see real change happen. 

When you first join our community, I will arrange a time to meet with you individually. This an important part of the process, because it allows me to understand your challenges, provide some initial tips to guide you, match you to the best small-group to suit your needs, and to ensure your needs will be met through group participation. 

If you’re not sure whether this is the best option for you right now, I’m happy to make a time to chat to you. 

Remember, you are not a failure.
You are not inadequate.
There is no shame in burnout.

I want to give you hope. Life doesn't have to be this way, and with the right support you can find a sustainable, meaningful way of life which allows you to prioritise your wellbeing.