Resources Get started on your journey to burnout recovery

Hi! I’m Dr Amy Imms, a medical doctor, founder of The Burnout Project and mother of 5. I’ve experienced burnout myself, so I know what it’s like to be completely overwhelmed and depleted. 

My mission is to help people struggling with burnout to have the support to recover that I couldn’t find for myself. 

I share resources that I wished I had when I experienced burnout, resources I used myself, and resources I use with my clients as they take steady steps towards recovery. 

I hope you find these useful, and that they assist you to make the changes you need in life. 

‘Burnout: your first ten steps’ is a practical guide to recovering from burnout. 

Concise chapters provide you with exactly what you need to know, without unnecessary waffle – I know you’re exhausted and time-poor! 

Every chapter provides practical action steps so that you can implement strategies immediately and begin to see the benefits in your life. 

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