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This self-care package provides indulgent pampering along with hope and practical support. It’s the perfect gift for someone you’re concerned may be burnt-out, or to splash out and buy for yourself. You work hard, you always put the needs of others first, and now it’s time for you to take care of yourself for a change.

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This self-care package provides indulgent pampering along with hope and practical support. It’s the perfect gift for someone you’re concerned may be burnt-out, or to splash out and buy for yourself. You work hard, you always put the needs of others first, and now it’s time for you to take care of yourself for a change.

Each Nourish Box contains:

  • Lily & Bird ‘Relax’ bath salts
  • Adore Designs scented candle – your choice from three fragrances.
  • Loose leaf tea from The Art of Tea. Your choice of: French Early Grey, Vanilla Rooibos, or Mary Grey
  • A bar of luxurious hand-crafted Lime Sublime soap made by Hope-Suds
  • A paperback copy of ‘Burnout: Your first ten steps’ by Dr Amy Imms
  • A printed workbook to assist with putting the information in the book into practice
  • A reminder card to provide ongoing encouragement and hope throughout the day, small enough to slip into a wallet or purse
  • A Burnout Project notebook and pen that can be used throughout the journey towards burnout recovery

A portion of the profits from your purchase will also help to fund more free Recharge Packages, helping those in need.

Lily & Bird ‘Relax’ bath salts

Relax and unwind with this calming bath blend of Neroli, Lavendar, Bergamot, and Frankincense. Made with 100% natural ingredients and essential oils to help ease stress and promote muscle relief.

Ingredients: Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate), Almond Oil (Prunus Amygdalua Dulcis), Himalayan Pink Salt,  Neroli*, Lavender*, Bergamot*, Frankincense*, Dried Lavender Flower. *Essential Oils
Please research essential oils prior to purchase, especially if pregnant. Some essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy or while nursing.

Adore Designs scented candle

Deluxe hand-poured coconut soy wax candles, with your choice of scent:

  • Lime Basil Mandarin: A well-rounded fragrance that combines a little bit of everything we love. A big splash of citrus with a handful of herbs and pinch of petal.
  • Blue Sage & Sea Salt: A perfect blend of herbs, soft florals and salty ocean air that creates a fresh and relaxing ambience. Light the candle, close your eyes and you can almost hear the sound of the waves crashing.
  • Black Raspberry: A delicious combination of overripe raspberries and fresh blackberries. This is perfect for you if you love a big warm berry fragrance.

To ensure a high-quality product for you and the environment, Adore Designs candles are made with 100% natural luxury coconut and soy wax, finest fragrance oils and natural fibre wicks.  This promotes a slow, clean burn releasing a long-lasting divine fragrance throughout your home.

Loose leaf tea, The Art of Tea

Your choice of one of these three amazing teas:

French Early Grey: If you haven’t tried this, then you should! Seriously, it’s a tea goddess’ in a cup. Rose, sunflowers & hibiscus with the bergamot flavoured black tea makes this a heaven-sent brew.

Vanilla Rooibos: Love vanilla? Need a caffeine-free option at night? This blend of rooibos with vanilla bean is smooth, sensuous, and perfect to enjoy all day long, with or without milk!  Also makes a great iced tea. Ideal to enjoy when pregnant or breastfeeding, as it is free of caffeine and rich in antioxidants and minerals.

Mary Grey: Mary Elizabeth Grey was famously the wife of Charles Grey, the second Earl Grey after whom the now-famous tea was named. A distinctly elegant twist on a classic, our Mary Grey is a delightfully lighter blend of the finest Chinese black tea scattered with delicate blue cornflower petals and exquisitely fragrant bergamot citrus. Subtle flavours gracefully ascend the palate and delight the senses. Enjoy a cup laced with pure, refined luxury.

Lime Sublime soap, Hope-Suds

Handmade natural soap for charity, made in Tasmania.

Hope-Suds make natural cold-pressed soaps, with all profits going to charity, and are beautifully presented in minimal, biodegradable packaging.

Ingredients: Tasmanian olive oil, coconut oil, water, rice bran oil, sodium hydroxide, shea butter, cocoa butter, Citrus aurantifolia (lime) oil, Citrus medica limonum (lemon) peel oil, Cymbopogon schoenanthus (lemongrass) oil, Litsea cubeba fruit oil, citrus zest.

‘Burnout: Your first ten steps’, Dr Amy Imms

A practical easy-to-read guide to recognising and overcoming burnout and enjoying life again.

Burnout leaves people exhausted, overwhelmed, struggling to cope, and desperately searching for a way out. Despite being common, many people avoid acknowledging they’re burnt-out, both to themselves and others. Dr Amy Imms is a medical doctor who helps people overcome burnout, in this book she guides you through identifying whether you are burnt-out, and practical steps to get you on the road to recovery. It’s written for individuals who are burnt-out, but is also helpful for those supporting a loved one, colleague, or patient, struggling with burnout.

Clear information, illustrative anecdotes, and practical exercises take you through:

  • What burnout is and how it affects your health.
  • Reflecting on your situation, and clarification of your hopes for a better future.
  • Examining your life to create time for prioritising self-care, focusing on your wellbeing, and getting appropriate medical support.
  • Strengthening your relationships, maintaining your boundaries, and identifying and living in alignment with your values.
  • Learning and experimenting with skills to manage stress promote mental wellbeing, including self-compassion, grounding, mindfulness, and gratitude.
  • Identifying simple changes you can make to optimise sleep rhythms, nutrition, and exercise in a way that benefits your mental wellbeing.

This book is all about taking action, facilitated by the accompanying workbook. You won’t be swamped with information and research, but rather will receive evidence-based information to provide the understanding you need to proceed on your journey to recovery.

Whether you know you’ve been burnt-out and treading water for decades, or have just started wondering whether you’re burnt-out, this book is for you. Clear and practical evidence-based guidance, in a easy-to-read package.

Recovery from burnout is possible, and this is the first step.

Candle Scent

Blue Sage & Sea Salt, Lime Basil Mandarin, Black Raspberry

Tea variety

French Earl Grey, Vanilla Rooibos, Mary Grey