Homeschooling can be a tough gigue. It’s intense, relentless, and we can feel a huge pressure to provide the best we can for our children. Sometimes we’re dealing with extra pressures of proving ourselves to family, friends, society, and homeschool regulators. Some of us are also working or studying. Some of us have children with special needs. We all have our unique challenges. 

So many of us spend most of our time giving to others, and putting everyone else’s needs first. For a while, that sort of works. But eventually we become so depleted that we just can’t keep doing it. And we shouldn’t have to. 

We can nurture ourselves, and address our own needs, as well as serving our loved ones. 

We can homeschool in a way that doesn’t leave us wondering wether we can survive another week, or another term. 

If we can take care of ourselves, and feel more nurtured and fulfilled, then we can be better parents and better educators.

I’m a medical doctor with a special interest in burnout, and in this webinar I’ll share with you why self-care is so important as a homeschooling parent, and what you can do to feel less exhausted and overwhelmed. 

I know you’ll be exhausted at the end of a long day, so I’ll be keeping it short and sharp. I’ll talk about burnout in homeschooling for 20 minutes, and then there’ll be 10 minutes for you to ask any questions you have.