Don’t do this alone.
Let me guide and support you as part of a supportive community. 
Together, we will get through this.

Burnout is lonely

Burnout is usually a lonely and isolating experience. We avoid socialising because we’re exhausted, we have less emotional energy to give to others, and we feel inadequate or like a failure.

Many people don’t tell anyone about their struggles: they silently battle on, day after day, and not a single other person on the planet knows.

Others have tried to seek help, but it just doesn’t end up making a difference. 

Do you put everyone else first?

Do you struggle to make time for yourself? 

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed, and you know you need to make space in your calendar to focus on your wellbeing, but it just never seems to happen? 

Do you spend all your time taking care of others, or doing things for work, but not taking care of yourself? And on the rare occasion you do, you end up feeling a bit guilty?


The key to recovery

Recovery from burnout is easer and faster if you have one key thing: support

We get stuck in our heads, with our mind following repetitive loops of worry and self-doubt. It can be very difficult to break out of these cycles without some form or external influence. 

Having someone else to talk to and bounce ideas off helps us to process our thoughts in a different way, gain new insights and see other perspectives. It helps us to make changes, and follow through with them. 

I see so many people who “know all the right things”. They can give me an endless list of all the things they “should” be doing. That list feels overwhelming in itself! But they can’t strategically identify the 3-5 specific strategies that will help them most. And they can’t break through the barriers to actually implementing those things. And of course, knowledge without action doesn’t get us anywhere. 

Belonging to a community

Guidance as part of a community creates the perfect environment for creating change, and sustaining those changes. As well as professional guidance from me, you will learn from the wealth of experience from others going through a similar experience.

You will see that you are not alone. You are not weak, or inadequate. You are not a failure. 

Your time for nurturing your wellbeing won’t disappear week after week. You’ll have dedicated times of learning, growth, support, and self-focus.

You will find your confidence, resilience, strength and purpose. 

You will create a life you can enjoy

Why join the 'Through Thick & Thin' community?

Professional Support

As a medical doctor with a special interest in burnout, I have spent years doing burnout counselling, running workshops, running group programs, speaking at event, working with organisations to manage burnout, and writing my book 'Burnout: your first ten steps'. I also draw upon my own personal experience of burnout, and my journey to recovery. Having burnt-out myself, I know what it's like, I know how hard it is, and I know how valuable support is.


Belonging to a group experiencing similar challenges creates an invaluable community of sharing, wisdom, encouragement and support. We can share our experiences with people who 'get it'. We can share our wins, and receive comfort and reassurance when progress feels hard and hope feels far away. We can be inspired by those who are rediscovering the joys of life. Together, we can keep moving forward, and making those changes we need to make to recover.

Weekly Group Contact

Regular opportunities for guidance, questions, debriefing, and accountability are the cornerstone of an effective recovery plan. Group calls will be available every fortnight to keep you motivated and taking action. Every other week there will be another opportunity for learning or interaction through things like Facebook lives and videos teaching skills or discussing common challenges.

Quarterly Planning Masterclass

As we navigate our way through the journey of burnout recovery, we need to periodically check-in with how we're going, and adapt our strategy as our needs change and life evolves. Every three months, I'll guide you through a process of reflection and planning so that you know you're on the right track.

A Welcome Gift

To welcome you to the 'Through Thick & Thin' community, you will receive a gift package delivered to your door! Every individual in the community is valued and respected, and I give my time and energy to support each of you because I want you all to recover. This gift is my way of saying a heartfelt thank you for allowing me to join you on your journey to burnout recovery.

Discounted Program Registration

As a member of this community, you will receive a huge 60% discount on The Burnout Project's online programs.

These programs can sit side-by-side the 'Through Thick & Thin' community, and the support and guidance you receive from each will work synergistically to get you the results you want.

Monthly Wellbeing Pack

Every month you will receive a digital package which prompts you to increase self-awareness, prioritise self-care, and expand your wellbeing toolbox. It's easy for the busyness of life and work to sweep us away from our good intentions, and leave self-care endlessly on our to-do-list. These monthly packages will motivate you to continue to take action, even when life is busy. Especially when life is busy!

Email Access 7 Days

When you join this community, you are demonstrating a commitment to yourself, and valuing your wellbeing, and I want to give you everything I can to recover from burnout and feel content & joyful in your life.
As part of my commitment back to you, I am available via email 7 days a week.

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