Every day, I meet someone who has lost confidence as they drown in work and life.

They feel like they are living a life they never wanted.

A life that serves others, but neglects the needs of themselves and their loved ones. 

Is that you? 

Are you rushing from task to task, obligation to obligation.. and never getting a chance to fulfil your own needs? 

Do you say ‘yes’ to things, and regret it later? 

Do you feel inadequate, and worry you’re not good enough, then over-deliver to try to compensate? 

Do you work incredibly hard, and not get the recognition you deserve? 

Do people take you for granted?

These are experiences people describe to me every day. 

This is what I experienced when I burnt-out a decade ago. 

And you deserve more. 

You need to know that you can live a better a life. A life that nurtures you and provides for your own needs. 



With strong, healthy boundaries, you can live a life that you look forward to.

In this webinar, I will share practical strategies that will enable you to build confidence and courage to live the way you want to. 

You will learn how to say ‘no’, and feel less resentment. 

You will have a plan for how to set strong boundaries in every area of life you need them, and to soften rigid reactionary boundaries you have built to protect yourself. 

We will examine the inner narratives that are holding you back from claiming space in the world and being comfortable with your own authentic presence. Inadequacy and imposter syndrome do not need to hold you back from taking action towards a future of fulfilment and sustainability. 

After the webinar, I will share with you a PDF summary of the key messages and practical frameworks we discuss, so that you can refer back to it as you implement what you learn and make sure that you see your life change trajectory. 

This webinar will be recorded, but the replay will ONLY be available for one week to protect the privacy of participants. We will use the Zoom meetings platform, and questions and interaction will be welcomed. I hope to see many of your beautiful faces as we share this time together, but I also understand if you need to have your camera turned off.