About The Burnout Project

The Burnout Project has a mission to get burnout resources to those who need them.

Dr Amy Imms is a medical doctor, author, and public speaker, who helps people struggling with or at risk of burnout. As a former General Practitioner, Amy has seen countless cases of burnout among both patients and colleagues, and was troubled by how late people tended to seek help, increasing the severity of symptoms and recovery time. Amy’s personal experience of burnout as she juggles five young children and a career has added a further dimension to her understanding of the condition and methods for managing it.

Amy has founded The Burnout Project so that anyone who is concerned about someone being burnt-out can anonymously nominate them to receive a copy of her book ‘Burnout: your first ten steps’, along with other items to aid recovery.

Amy is on a mission to raise awareness of burnout as a huge problem facing our society, to reduce stigma, guide workplaces in preventing burnout, and assist individuals in their recovery. Amy strives to focus not just on providing information, but making it practicable within normal, full, complicated lives. This has required considered adaptation of the basic principles of burnout prevention and recovery to suit audiences, including parents, professionals, small business owners, healthcare workers, crafting groups, community leaders, managers, and carers of children with special needs.

One of her favourite audiences to teach is children, using fun activities and creative exercises to help our next generation of adults to expand self-awareness and learn how to care for their minds.

Dr Imms is a fully qualified and registered doctor in Tasmania, Australia.

If you are seeking guidance on your journey to overcome burnout, find out about services Dr Amy Imms offers here.

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