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Helping you recover from burnout.

How burnt-out are you?

Don't do this alone

Burnout is overwhelming and lonely. You suffer quietly, and even your loved ones may not know that every day is a struggle. 

Let me hold your hand and guide you. I’ve faced the despair of burnout myself, as I tried to juggle career, kids, and the household mental load. I know how hard it is. I recovered from burnout, and you can too. Just one step at a time. 

I can help you with personalised burnout counselling, or in a group setting in my online program or support community. 

Burnout counselling is online, so you can access it from the comfort of your own home. It’s confidential, flexible, and provides solutions that are tailored to you

The online group and community options are a wonderful combination of support, guidance, learning, and collaboration. You won’t feel lonely, and you’ll learn from the wisdom and experience of others going through the same thing.  You’ll receive the inspiration and motivation to actually make the changes you know you need, so that you can live the life you want.

Burnout Packages

Packages are specifically designed to give you what you need when you’re burnt-out. They embody hope, support, and a little bit of pampering. 

Treat yourself, or order a package for someone you’re concerned about – a loved one, a colleague, or an employee.

Practical guidance and self-care indulgence will give you the encouragement you need to recover.

Get the book!

A practical easy-to-read guide to recognising and overcoming burnout and enjoying life again.

“Written with empathy, compassion and understanding, this easy to read guidebook contains practical strategies that inspire hope. I couldn’t put it down!”

– Dr Bambi Ward, medical doctor and mother

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